Extra, Extra! The Winds Are Blowing…

I just shaped this poem out of a journal entry from last year, and rather than saving it for a later date, here it is!

The Winds Are Blowing…

You’re sitting on gold mines, the stars are aligned,
So why the wait? Go! Make the choice in your mind.
Stop piddling around with those pointless pursuits.
Just pick up that shovel and put on your boots.
Dig in and dig deeply, be steadfast and true.
And do something worthwhile with the treasures accrued.
Don’t hoard them. Don’t hide them. Scatter them here and there.
Just think of the good you will do when you share!
For now it’s your part, get on up, take the stage!
You’ve rehearsed long enough, and it’s time to engage.
No worries. You’re ready. Yes, you’ll make mistakes.
And I know what you fear, but it won’t make you break.
You’ll learn and you’ll grow and your spirit will see:
After all of these years you’re all set and you’re free.
The air is astir and the waves are alive.
Where will you go? Will you even arrive?
No answer? No matter; you never will know.
But the wind’s at your back and it’s starting to blow.

(Originally posted on my old blog, Interim Arts, on May 15, 2014)


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