Give Them Water for Christmas!

Water is on my mind again. A friend posted a clip on Facebook which was made by the organization Water Is Life. It showed Haitian children and adults reading actual phrases hash tagged as “First World Problems”. I am not familiar with this particular organization and cannot vouch for or speak against it, but the video squeezed my heart and made me cry. It certainly made its point. We have so much and we complain anyway. This is especially relevant as the Christmas season progresses and consumerism is shoveled down our throats at every possible turn. I heard on the radio this week that the average parent spends about $1400, per child, on holiday gifts. I was absolutely stunned. I know this figure includes CEOs who buy new cars, expensive electronics, and designer wardrobes for their youngsters; I got that. This number isn’t accurate for everyone. But it can’t be denied that Americans spend a lot on pointless junk. Myself included. Guilty.

We want things simply for the sake of novelty. They hope for clean water.

Lord, please let them have water. Shield their bodies from disease. Help them to grow up, grow strong, grow into the people You want them to be. Please give them water, healthy food, shelter, educations, and loving homes. Please provide them with the things they truly need.

On our side, God, help us to use less, to be good and careful stewards of resources, to be thankful for the luxuries surrounding each of us. Help us to see, learn, grow, discern, plant something valuable and carefully tend to it. And when that valuable life activity is producing good, nourishing, healthy fruit, help us to share that fruit with others instead of storing it up for ourselves, for isn’t THAT what love it? Giving self away for the good of other’s well-being. Sacrifice.

I don’t want to turn third-world countries into first-world countries; we’ve built monsterous mountains ranges of problems in the name of “progress” and “success”. We aren’t the model to follow. I do long for balance, for everyone to have enough, no more, no less.

May Your will be done, Father, all throughout this world. Please bring healing and hope, truth and perspective, wisdom and right action. Give us all eyes to see Your path, ears to hear Your voice, and the tenacity to pursue Your will no matter the cost.

If you’d like to take a look, here’s the First World Problems Video: 

(Originally posted on my old blog, Interim Arts, on December 21, 2013)


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