Perfection in Peach Skins!


I am FINALLY getting around to posting a few photos of these beautiful and absolutely scrumptious peaches! My mom brought them back for me from her vacation trip to the west coast with her siblings. The peaches didn’t travel quite that far, they came from a wonderful little fruit stand in Ohio, but they were totally and entirely utterly delightful. Many thanks, Mom!


My poor husband has gotten use to the fact that beautiful food products which enter this house are rarely allowed to be eaten until they are photographed, so he waited “patiently” (read: teased me mercilessly) until I got some nice photos for posting and admiring during the peach off-season.


It was all worth the wait, though, when the peach cobbler arrived! (No photos. I messed up the topping, so it looked rather wonky, but still tasted grand!)

I hope you’re enjoying all the gorgeous seasonal fruits available this summer! I certainly am!

(Originally posted on my old blog, Interim Arts, on September 4, 2013)


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