doTerra Oils, Deep Breathing, and Long Ago Memories…



Pleasantly pungent whiffs of aromatic wonder waft into my eager nostrils. I’ve never been a deep breather, but I’m turning over a new leaf, a collection of leaves, peels and bark, actually. An open bottle of doTerra’s OnGuard essential oil blend sits before me on the table. I’ve heard of its many benefits: Fighting germs, fending off illness, assisting in cleaning, acting as a natural deodorant and boosting the immune system, along with plenty of other claims, yet unproven. But the list slips from my mind as I sit and just breathe.

Hungry for the delicious scents, my lungs inhale deeply again and again. My longtime habit of shallow breathing doesn’t seem to stand a chance. Remarkable. Is it really this easy? Oxygen is extremely important for the proper health and functioning of the body. I know that. I just have a hard time breathing deeply. Things are slowly coming together and breathing just may be the next puzzle piece. I’ve given up on searching for a final piece. I am content to gradually glean, gather, sort, arrange and admire the appearing view.

But beyond the physical health benefits, the scents seem to nourish my mind, unearthing memories as I breath. Cinnamon, orange peel, clove… A hint of rosemary? One unknown. Must be the eucalyptus. Memories arise, riding in on the misty smells. In the cinnamon breaths, I see many an oatmeal raisin cookie making adventure on a rainy day, “apple” pie made from a strange green tropical called a xuxu (chuchu), and pensive early mornings alone with warm bowls of oatmeal smothered in rich milk and drizzled in honey. Cloves revive memories of holiday celebrations and vague kitchen-centric laughter. With a sudden whiff of orange peel, I am transported thousands of miles in a strange instantaneous flash of patchwork memories: As a young child I stand in the almost unbearably hot sunshine, my scrawny legs meet dirty flip-flop clad feet and sweat beads across my face encouraging the most detested ring of frizzy curls to emerge from my abnormally long brown ponytail. A bustling market surrounds me. Out of all the movement, colors and sounds, my eye is drawn to one woman with a mountain of oranges at her side. With expert ease, she lifts an orange and a paring knife and, swiftly cutting away the brightly-colored skin in a single curled ribbon, she transforms the bright orange into a naked cream orb. As I watch, she lifts the knife again and quickly makes another cut near the top of the fruit, revealing vibrant orange insides. A customer hands her a coin, several centavos, in exchange for the fruit. Holding it upright like a cup, he squeezes the round body and slurps fresh orange juice from it. After the juice is gone, he nimbly turns the orange inside out and eats the remaining pulp before tossing the white outer covering into an open, smelly sewer.

Deep breathing and essential oils. What a relaxing, enjoyable, extraordinary form of time travel…


Note: doTerra did not pay me in any way to endorse their product. I simply feel that, as of right now, they are one of the best essential oils brands available on the market, and I am always on the lookout for high quality products!  Also, they are food-grade, which is important to me. “If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin!” is my main motto for beauty  products these days. I use the oils for burns, scrapes, muscle relaxation, natural seizure prevention, stress relief, and mostly for the amazing aromas…

(Originally posted on my old blog, Interim Arts, on September 5, 2013)


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