It’s a Garden Thing…

Take a walk through my garden! Relax and enjoy the sights…
It’s true, the garden boxes can be a little messy.
Flowers are overgrown, and interwoven weeds remain their constant companions.

But then again…

Sometimes a weed is just a flower misplaced,
a plant persevering through harsh conditions.
It survives any possible way and beautifies its little lot in life,
no matter how big and empty or small and crowded.

Weeds have a bad connotation,
but they carry resiliency and tenacity perhaps unrivaled in the plant world.
They are survivors, fighters.
Chaotic and creative.

And THAT is why my garden boxes look a little overgrown.
I’m culturing creativity…and chaos!

(Originally posted on my old blog, Interim Arts, on July 15, 2013)


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