I Like to Watch Things Grow

There’s something extraordinary about a simple garden…

I like to watch things grow.
The ebb and flow,
I find appealing in all kinds of ways.
The stages, the phases,
the back thens, right nows, and some days—all ages.
The quiet way they say hello
and when they go,
the regal air they hold as if they know
they’ve had their moment in the sun
and as they fade, new life has just begun.
They say goodbye as fallen seeds and stems and leaves.
And raindrops cry.
And time goes by.
Their substances dissolve and souls survive
to feed the ground where other things will grow.
Or else they resurrect from dormant drops of life on pause.
Left behind to propagate their cause.

(Originally posted on my old blog, Interim Arts, on June 19, 2013)


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