Of Fruits, Flowers and a Versatile Vase


I know, I know! Enough with the flowers and strawberries already! And yet, I can’t seem to stop myself from picking things from my garden and snapping more photos. It just may be a disease, but if so, I’m in no hurry to find a cure! I didn’t even include any pics of the flowers I snipped from my mom’s gorgeous rose bushes, which are currently in full bloom!


I’ve never been much of a still life photographer before, but there is a certain appeal to it. Plus, I’ve put so much time and TLC into these little guys over the past few months, that I can’t help but want to show them off! The zinnias were grown from seeds, sown while snow was still falling and sprouted under UV grow lights in my basement before finally being transplanted into their outdoor home. The development of a green thumb is rather big news for me, seeing as I sort of have a reputation for not being able to grow anything. I killed mint. I potted a dandelion and it died. You get the idea. But the tide seems to be turning. My garden this year is doing just dandy and I couldn’t be happier about it!


By the way, don’t try to find this unusual vase in stores; it is a one-of-a-kind Ama original! I salvaged it from the broken remains of a bowl I was trying to throw in pottery class and it ended up being one of my favorite pieces…


(Originally posted on my old blog, Interim Arts, June 2, 2013)


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