Calligraphy in the Garden


Over these past few weeks, calligraphy practice has been put on the back burner (with the heat turned down extra low) but I promise I haven’t forgotten about it! I have not made anything new recently, but I did finally manage to take a few photos of some older works…


The photos didn’t turn out exactly as I planned. I envisioned the slips of paper hanging clothesline-style along the ribbon, but regular clothespins are apparently way too heavy to stand upright in this scenario, so I improvised with the upside down clothespin look. Not too shabby…I kinda like it!


My calligraphy is certainly a work in progress, but especially now as I learn and improve (and make lots of mistakes!), I love the idea of these mini-canvases. They give me a chance to experiment with various layouts, designs, and scripts without wasting an obnoxious amount of paper. They also make nice personalized gift tags, handy bookmarks, and even sweet little word-gifts (yes, I know, normal  people call them notes!).


Hmmm… This post has left me a little hungry for pen and ink. I’m adding calligraphy to this week’s artistic menu!

(Originally posted on my old blog, Interim Arts, on June 7, 2013)


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