Quiet Contemplation

How much time do you spend every day in silence, in quiet contemplation? I think there are certain things that can only be learned by intentional thought. There’s no shortcut, loophole, way around, or way to rush purchase it. I don’t think it can be learned any other way. That’s why our go, go, go, do, do, do, see, play, shop, study, work, watch, browse, call, drive, talk, pack-it-all-in-then-sleep-and-start-it-all-over society leaves a hole in our lives. I’m not talking about being lazy. Quiet thought can be found throughout the day and even as you work, but only if you let it in.

Silence and time.
Hand in hand.
Sharpened intentions.
Powerful possibilities.

(Originally posted on my old blog, Interim Arts, on May 18, 2013)


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