Planned Power Outage, Week #1

I will not be posting again this week. My husband and I will continue our Planned Power Outage tradition this year and the first week without electricity starts tonight! I know, I know, the very thought of CHOOSING to flip the breakers and cause a self-induced a power outage may terrify some of you. I totally understand! The first time we did this was a complete accident. There was a miscommunication. An electric bill wasn’t paid. The power was shut off. We decided to rough it for a week just for fun. And fun we did have! Seriously.

Picture this: Slow-paced, quiet summer evenings; meals cooked outside over an open fire; candle-lit late night discussions and early morning writing corners; clothes washed by hand (okay, I admit, that was the least fun part of the plan…); essentially no electronic distractions of any kind… That was our experience last year. The quiet bliss was the ultimate pampering session for my soul!

This year, thanks to a very thoughtful Christmas gift, we will be able to charge our cell phone/alarm clock with the energy generated while cooking out! The BioLite CampStove is a really neat product with a great cause. It is an ingenious little devise that allows us to simultaneously cook food and charge small electronics with just a handful of dry sticks. The company is using the same technology to bring clean, safe, cheap energy access to people in developing countries. Well done, BioLite!


Check them out for yourself:

Wish us luck! I’ll catch you on the flip side!

(Originally posted on my old blog, Interim Arts, on May 19, 2013)


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