Dream Big, Live Small

boat on waterfront between bebek and besiktas

I’m coming to the conclusion that the best way to truly have a positive impact in life is to stay small. That doesn’t mean not pushing yourself to achieve—far from it! Stretch, grow, achieve, contribute, shine, make a significant positive impact on the area you are occupying. But, overall, small is key. Keep the personal connections. Know the faces and the real-life situations attached to them. Be aware. Be informed.

I’m certainly not saying I have this thing figured out. After all, doesn’t it seem like every good solution is different depending upon the situation being addressed? There is no simple, across-the-board answer (apart from the Lord, who seems to propose all sorts of unusual actions and angles depending on the circumstances) and you have no way of figuring out a good solution if you are isolated from the problem. You have to be closely connected to the issues at hand. I think that is why so many big organizations with good intentions fail. People go in with the mentality, “this is such a big problem, we need to set up a big solution.” Yes, the problems are sizable and pervasive. Yet, as soon as a large organization is established, distance divides, corruption sneaks in, people are no longer on the same page, the established system is abused, people get discouraged, and even more problematic issues arise. The solution often ends up contributing to the problem.

We don’t need a few people doing big things. We need lots of people doing small things. People of all ages need real-life, personalized, day-to-day, life-sized examples of how to live, act, love, and age. We need those examples built into our daily lives. People need wisdom, stability, guidelines, and life reference points or we get swallowed up by destructive, debilitating overarching perspectives proposed by media simply because they bring in the big bucks, not because they are true, good, or functional.

The little things in life are more powerful than we think. They are the movements that truly mold this world.

(Originally posted on my old blog, Interim Art, in May 2013)


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