Scattered Thoughts

Scattered Thoughts

Torn between the has beens and the what’s nexts I sit pensively. Pretty possibilities and exquisite scenes scarcely sit for a sensible second before swift winds of thoughts pick up again and swirl into something new. In their brevity, they are almost pointless.

Scattered thoughts: They are my very existence and undoing. I am forever seeing new directions, new possibilities, new paths, new doors, new pictures, more cracks and crevices appearing where wall once stood solid. A situation is never hopeless or destined to stay the same. The winds may change at any instant. A road could open (or close) and inadvertently revise life forever. A stranger may pass you on the street or enter unexpectedly into your life, ever altering its course. One never knows. And one small step—yours or someone else’s—might make all the difference. Anxious, exciting, joyous, beautiful, tenuous unknowns! (4/21/12)



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